Cold Country's ideal males should measure between 22 to 24 inches at the withers and weigh 80 to 100 pounds. Our ideal females should measure between 20 to 22 inches at the withers and weigh 60 to 80lb pounds.  Overall proportion of the dog is of the utmost importance when evaluating height and weight.


The neck should be very muscular, arched, tapered from the shoulder to the head, and medium in length.  The withers should be high and well pronounced and lead into a broad and moderately short back with an athletic roach.  The body should be moderately wide, solid, standing fore-square, fairly compact, well balanced, slightly longer than tall (rectangular, but almost square), and have a well sprung rib cage.  The body is slightly deeper than the foreleg is long, and the brisket is slightly lower than the level of the elbow.  Not enough that the forearm curves around the rib cage, but sufficient enough that a more solid stance is produced.  There should be a noticeable tuck present to allow the body to bend at a fuller extent.  The coat should be short, smooth, and any color except for solid black (without white), or merle.



The head should be large and broad in regards to the size of the dog.  It should be flat on top, have a squared appearance, with a deep and well defined stop.  The head is tight, muscular, with prominent cheeks, and free of excessive: wrinkles on the cheek and muzzle, skin at the neck, and pendolous flews. The muzzle should be: broad, box shaped, wide at the base with a very slight taper to the nose, have wide open nostrils, be 2-3 inches in length, and have a strong under jaw.  The dog should have full pigment around eyelids, covering the nose, and lips.  The teeth should be medium to large, not visible when the mouth is closed, and an undershot of 1/4 to 1/2 inches is preferred.  The eyes should be wide set, and almond to round shaped.  The ears should be set high on the head, medium in size, and either forward flap or rose.

The front assembly should have forechest, and the shoulder blade and upper arms should not be too steep or upright.  It should be moderately wide and the elbows should neither be angled out or pulled in.  The position of the wrists should not be closer than the elbows when standing.  The front legs should be strong and straight, with moderate to heavy bone that is proportionate to the body.  The pasterns should have a slight slope and not be too vertical or steep in nature.  The feet should be round, tight, well arched, medium in size, and pointing straight ahead.



The rear should be broad, well muscled, not quite as wide as the front, with moderate angulation at the stifle and hock.  The hocks should be straight, and perfectly perpendicular to the ground.  The feet should be round, tight, well arched, medium in size, and pointing straight ahead.  The tail set should be low, but carried high.  Strong at the root and taper till it ends at the level of the hocks.  The buttocks should have a shelf below the tail.