Wrecking Bull
Dual NKC and ABRA Grand Champion Bull Metal Jacket of Brave Heart, PH .54, .54,
OFA Prelim. Fair, OFA Cardiac Normal, GDT, Cal 1, IDT3  

Bull Metal Jacket aka BMJ is a very special dog.  BMJ is one of the most successful Bully Type dogs ever to enter the conformation ring.  He has won consistently every where he has been campaigned and is a 12 time Best of Breed winner.  BMJ possesses great genetics and is inbred Brave Heart’s Go Bullistic.  This has enabled him to become a proven producer who dominates every breeding.  He is reminiscent of the “Traditional” American Bulldog used by the founders of the breed.  But what quality stands out most about this dog is his impeccable temperament.  BMJ is a naturally protective dog who got his Cal 1, Guard Dog Temperament, and Iron Dog Title without any formal training.  He has a presence that commands attention, and captures the heart of everyone who meets him.

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