~ Cold Country Bulldogs ~
about us
Cold Country Bulldogs is a small kennel located in Southeast Minnesota.  We have owned American Bulldogs since 2005, and had our first litter in 2009.  Our goal is to produce the best specimens the breed has to offer, and represent the American Bulldog in its purest form.   Cold Country Bulldogs possess great temperament, type, structure and genetics.  Our breeding stock is derived from the two most successful Bully Type programs that exist.  Programs that used selective breeding to produce dogs who have excelled in the show ring, and other various working venues.  This has enabled us to start our program with quality American Bulldogs who are carrying on the tradition of excellence.  Here at Cold Country we are first and foremost committed to providing a dog that can be a productive family member.  American Bulldogs that make loyal family companions, show or working prospects.